ERP Independent Consultant


Logistics Improvement Analysis

Logistics improvement analysis will cover a wide range of topics such as:
Forward, reverse flow and storage of goods from suppliers to customers


IT Optimisation Study

IT optimisation deliverable will touch:
Sales activities and statistics, Supply chain and more


Supply Chain Design

Supply chain is a more specialised deliverable and will touch:
Excessive inventory in supply chain distribution channels


Profitability Check Up

Profitability check-up is very much about cost and profit assessment. It will touch: Business activity costs, Profits related to those activities

About Us

Alex Abbate, founder of ERP ABBATE UK LIMITED, developed a wide computer and management expertise along 20 previous years spent working with the military and large European organisations, and dealing with very important topics such as organisation and management of supply procedures for satellite, microwave, telegraphic automatic relay, integrated voice switch systems and connected information systems.

Alex Abbate spent then 2 years as Director of Logistics for a chemical-adhesive company, in charge of warehouse stocks, material requirement planning, production capacity requirement planning, ADP, product sales statistics, purchasing and contracting, and management of human resources for the above mentioned activities.

Client Testimonials

Senior ERP Technical Lead - BSS Group

Alex led the ERP process and configuration stream as part of a large business transformation programme. He approached this complex stream with maturity and logic. He devised a good pragmatic approach and led his team with calmness and control. He was also pleasure to work with and added value across other streams. Leader and team player. “

Fuaad Buras - Managing Director at AMEL Consulting