ERP – Yearly Newsletter – 2015

Dear clients,

Europe Current Focus

first of all give me the opportunity to thank you for all the support you show us in previous years. It has been a pleasure to respond to your queries concerning ERP systems and support your staff in analysing ERP-related processes and assist you all thorough your ERP implementations.

We continue our mission to provide you with an unlimited support in the ERP arena with a host of independent advisory services. Our goal is to deliver to our valued clients an optimum blend of affordability, flexibility and reliability in terms of ERP-related services.

We do not sell ERP systems: we help you, our valued clients, to select or improve them. We can do it, because we are fully independent and absolutely not linked to any ERP vendor.

Our added value is our absolute independence from ERP vendors. We work with them, we exchange information with them, but we maintain a complete neutrality in running a fully unbiased evaluation process.

Moreover, we are aimed to make your internal resources more proactive in dealing with challenges which typically stems from an ERP implementation.

The success we experienced in the last 16 years makes us believe we are on right track.

Someone says “ERP is a mature market, now”. We agree with that, but we still see people investing in ERP systems and experiencing recurrent problems and companies who need to identify the proper ADD-ON to be integrated with their existing ERP system.

We are focussed on Northern Europe. While our main language is English, we wish to maintain our cross-cultural operating capability. Knowledge of Northern European languages and culture played a major role in identifying our target markets.

We are therefore geared up to support client’s resources in their mother language as much as we can.

Our clients can well expect deliverables to be originated in English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Icelandic. Bilingual documents can also be included in project scope.

We can originate each deliverable and all project documentation in all these languages either directly or by involving very skilled professional translation specialists.

We are here to serve and leverage your ERP project into a force-multiplier.

Best regards

Alex Abbate

Managing Director of