ERP Cutover Management

ERP Cutover Management

ERP cutover management allows a proper shift from the legacy application to the new ERP system.

ERP system cutover takes place when:Cutover Concept

  • The new system has been selected and customised according to corporate needs.
  • Interfaces are ready.
  • System integration testing is finished.
  • User acceptance test has been completed.

ERP system cutover is one of the most crucial activities of the entire ERP project lifecycle. It is when the ERP project goes live and old procedures and functionalities are replaced by the new ones in a “real” working environment. Even if previous steps have been properly done, a “bad” cutover can cause the ERP project to fail and client’s key processes to be seriously disrupted. Besides, the “blackout” period (the phase during cutover where access to the legacy systems will not be available and users to not yet have access to the new system) should be reduced as much as possible.

Cutover matrixes are to be prepared. They are meant to define, for each cutover task:

  • Task objective.
  • Success metric.
  • Contingency actions in case of failure.

A proper contingency plan is also to be prepared in case of partial or total cutover failure.

ERP cutover management requires specific processes and outputs, such as:

  • Planning.
  • Executing.
  • Controlling & Adjusting.

ERP cutover planning is a key component of a successful cutover and always needs a proper cutover plan to be drafted, approved and distributed. A typical cutover plan includes:

  • Preliminary activities before the cutover.
  • Preliminary activities on the cutover-day.
  • Contingency plan.
  • Cutover-day activities.
  • Immediate post-cutover activities.
  • Post-cutover activities.
  • Checkpoint meetings.
  • Communication plan.

We organised and conducted ERP/IT systems cutover in many business segments. We also have a wide expertise in various cutover approaches, such as:

  • Direct cutover.
  • Parallel operation cutover.
  • Pilot project cutover.
  • Phased cutover.

Our experience is related to both 1st Tier ERP systems and niche IT/ERP applications.

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