ERP Evaluation

ERP evaluation and ERP selection are difficult exercises to perform.

ERP evaluation can be complex: there are scores of ERP systems available on the market and hundreds of specialised mini-ERP systems to choose from. If ERP selection and final ERP choice are not done in a proper way, the whole ERP project can be negatively affected. ERP risks are then impossible to mitigate and success turns into a failure. ERP failure could then make an ERP rescue project necessary. However, no one needs to go all thru that. ERP failure can be avoided thru a proper ERP selection and ERP evaluation process.

ERP selection, ERP evaluation and final ERP choice require proper Business Process Re-engineering to be done first. ERP vendors would tend to clone what they have done with someone else and that may put you in a difficult situation. Meanwhile, your company needs to make the right choice without having the means of knowing what that choice is. ERP risks could then prove to be unmanageable.

How can we help you not to get stuck in this classical salesman exercise and cause an ERP failure to happen?

ERP evaluation and ERP selection it’s our job: we’ve been performing it for years. We:
• Have the expertise and skills to analyse your current processes and needs
• Know many ERP /Mini-ERP systems and their pros and cons
• Are familiar with ERP vendor’s approach
• Had performed this exercise in various business segments.

• Successfully managed ERP evaluation and ERP selection in niche industries
• Properly addressed complex and difficult crisis management situations
• Have a strong understanding of industry Best Practice and structured methodologies
• Are multi-cultural with extensive International experience in Europe
• Have excellent understanding of technology in the ERP evaluation/selection process and ERP risk assessment methodologies
• Can originate documentation in English, Italian, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

Our ERP evaluation and ERP selection projects historically touched various business segments such as:
• Retail: FMCG, IT consumables, stationery, car retail, wood and building/house Centre
• Manufacturing (mills): converting, chemical-adhesive, printing, narrow-web and paper-based products
• Manufacturing (on-line assembly): machine building, telecom
• Engineering Process Construction (EPC): building (houses), building (power plants), building (turn-key plants) and furnishing
• Utilities: Oil, Gas, Electricity.

Moreover, we are fully independent: we are not aimed at selling a specific ERP system or facilitating its entry into a specific business segment or niche market. ERP evaluation and ERP selection will start from your needs, not from ERP vendors objectives.

At ERP ABBATE UK we help you to achieve your corporate goals. We identify the shortcomings of your current system and evaluate the processes and functionalities which need to be covered by the new ERP system. We help you to create an ERP implementation scenario where your management, financial, sales, supply chain, manufacturing and reporting needs are properly met.

The downloadable documents are all in English, but similar and/or additional documents can be requested in the following languages:

  • German
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Icelandic
  • Estonian

Warning: we are in process of updating all documents with our new corporate address. Some on-line documents may still contain the old address. The process will require a few days.


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CRM evaluation CRM selection
CRM evaluation CRM selection
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ERP Evaluation Selection Methodology
ERP Evaluation Selection Methodology
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IT ERP Advisor Alex Abbate
IT ERP Advisor Alex Abbate
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