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Need ERP selection, ERP consulting, ERP solutions, ERP, specialised ERP, change management, business reengineering, independent consultant, vertical ERP and supply chain management? ERP ABBATE UK knows the ins and outs of ERP selection, ERP consulting and ERP solutions.

Our ERP Consultancy policy

ERP ABBATE UK is an ERP consultancy company, where ERP, ERP selection and ERP consulting are set up to consult and advise manufacturing and commercial companies. ERP selection touches any area of the ERP consulting process and select the most adapt ERP solutions. ERP research, selection, and choice are performed a highly skilled ERP consultant.

How we select and appraise

ERP ABBATE UK’s also select and appraise specialised ERP systems, after performing a complete gap and fit analysis. ERP ABBATE UK specialises in ERP selection services tailored to meet your requirements. Our ERP selection process will assist your staff thorough the various ERP consulting steps. You will be entering the world of ERP, with a full set of alternate ERP solutions, or specialised ERP systems.

ERP implementation process

ERP consulting takes care of ERP implementation process; ERP is the basement upon which any ERP-related supply chain and customer relationship management architecture must be built: we took care of ERP selection and any other ERP consulting service to meet your requirements. Particularly, we take care of:
• ERP selection
• ERP evaluation

ERP ABBATE UK, however, does not do just ERP consulting.

ERP ABBATE UK’s offers specialised ERP consulting services to select and choose specialised ERP systems or modules, especially when client’s requirements are very specific and point out to a specialised ERP package. ERP-mixed architecture can also be designed, coupling the versatility of ERP solutions with the specific features of a specialised ERP module, but you will need a highly skilled ERP consultant to run the whole ERP selection process safely.

ERP-related product configuration

ERP ABBATE UK’s has sometimes to deal with an ERP-related product configuration which is too complex and requires not only to identify a range of ERP solutions, but also specialised software modules. Even so, no one can renounce the versatility of ERP modules such as Contract Billing or Master Material Record. ERP selection and ERP consulting make you reach an integrated information architecture. ERP software programs cover Admin, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, and Production activities. A highly skilled ERP consultant must coach the whole process.

ERP consulting strategy

ERP ABBATE UK’s analyses business requirements and provide client’s top management with an ERP consulting strategy to full-fill those requirements: no matter any ERP-related business reengineering implications in the ERP consulting process, ERP selection, ERP solutions, and specialised ERP systems are all components of the great game: transforming ERP consulting into a chance to give our clients a competitive advantage!

We operate directly with you.

ERP ABBATE UK’s operates directly with the client, by analysing the situation of his/her information system and by delivering ERP development solutions for each ERP consulting intervention area. We know a wide range of specialised ERP systems world-wide.


Our ERP-methodology stems out of Gane&Sarson’s general theory of system analysis and main IBM/Hewlett Packard ERP-related project techniques which are being used in the ERP arena, such as Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Joint Application Development (JAD). ERP consultants never forget ERP-linked software quality issues, all thorough the ERP consulting process. These issues are key success-components for all ERP solutions and are treated according to major international ERP-related consulting practices. We consider this ERP consulting approach fundamental to choose and customise efficient ERP solutions, especially in key ERP-related management areas such as OLAP reporting, ERP-linked product configuration, and capacity requirement planning, where our ERP ABBATE UK has a considerable expertise.

Advice and coaching procedure

ERP ABBATE UK’s will also advise and coach on many topics which are directly linked to ERP consulting activity, such as industrial layout optimisation (a very important ERP-affected topic), organisation of production and logistic support system, which ERP systems will use anyway. Assessing requirements for ERP solutions to be integrated with legacy applications, developing ERP-based multidimensional data storage (MDD) cubes, completing later stages of ERP consulting process with a supply chain management, data warehousing, and ERP-linked demand planning architecture, are just a few examples of what ERP ABBATE UK does across its daily routine.

If your company is interested in purchasing ERP solutions or a better software system, or in just optimising the existing ERP or select a specialised ERP, within a proper ERP consulting process, then you need to take a closer look at what our ERP selection process has to offer. Contact ERP ABBATE UK at