ERP Selection

ERP selection, ERP independent consultant and change management

ERP ABBATE UK UK’s independent consultant takes care of ERP selection, change management and business reengineering.

ERP selection is a fundamental process in which different project components such as change management, business reengineering, and an ERP independent consultantplays a key role in identifying strong and weak points of your organisation, change and reengineering strategies. The ERP independent consultant can select proper ERP or vertical ERP applications to support a change management process. ERP selection is much more than selecting an ERP or a vertical ERP application or system.

ERP ABBATE UK’s ERP selection methodology puts people at the centre of project approach: we are not here to sponsor a particular brand or ERP vendor. Change management, business reengineering, and project managed by an ERP independent consultant are much more important to us than the selection of an ERP or a vertical ERP application. ERP systems are:
• Designed to solve the fragmentation of information in large business organisations (change management issue)
• Perceived as a contribution towards a more process-oriented organisation (business reengineering issue)
• ERP selection process must be performed by an ERP independent consultant, who should:

o Analyse business requirements
o Assess ERP-users competence

ERP selection process we offer is based upon a world-wide knowledge and implementation experience of major ERP or local ERP systems; however, as we enter a new company, we look at top management goals, to determine:

• Business requirements
• B2B and IPE requirements
• System integration constrains and opportunities
• Change management challenges
• Business reengineering implications
• Datawarehousing and costing implications

ERP independent consultant activities are then set up within a Joint Application Development team-centric framework, where we partner with our clients to lend technical expertise, coaching them all through the change management process.

ERP ABBATE UK’s ERP selection methodology deals with business reengineering and change management. Why? ERP selection neither starts or ends with an ERP! An ERP or a vertical ERP application is just a force multiplier to support change; alone, without a business reengineering strategy, it will hinder change, make change management expectations difficult to reach and bring failure, even under the eyes of an ERP independent consultant: the change management issue is too important.

ERP selection wrongly accomplished and no change management process properly run: this is why companies turn out to be their worst enemy in ERP project management. They start their trip by:
• Attempting to micro-manage ERP customisation
• Denying business reengineering needs
• Forgetting about change management and optimisation of their own structure.

They eventually stumble on their way to implementation. The best ERP selection process, the best ERP independent consultant, and the most powerful vertical ERP fall however too short, without business reengineering and change management issues. ERP ABBATE UK’s ERP selection process will avoid that: we assess your current working environment, your human organisational framework, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your company is to face with. All these issues have strong change management and business reengineering implications.

ERP selection process points at business reengineering. Business reengineering is meant to create a leveraged infrastructure with the final objective of aligning corporate knowledge management with business strategy, through a rigorous but flexible project methodology managed by an ERP independent consultant. We advise you all through this trip and help you to make decisions at each step. Final goal: an ERP or vertical ERP system properly implemented.

ERP ABBATE UK’s ERP selection process brings you in touch with a world-wide range of ERP or vertical ERP vendors, weighing advantages and disadvantages of each system. Vertical ERP applications are also weighed for a wide range of industry segments, such as label industry, EPC (Engineering Process Construction) enterprises, artificial leather coating, paper coating and many other ones. By carrying a vertical ERP-based project management role, the ERP independent consultant sets aside your staff on a day-to-day basis and interact with your management team, taking care of all change management and business reengineering issues.

Our customers typically need:

• ERP selection guidance
• Evaluation of where to house systems (internal or outsourced)
• Project management by an independent consultant
• Assistance in understanding technical jargon and evaluating different ERP implementation methodology
• Change management and business reengineering alternatives

Our services include:
• ERP selection or vertical ERP system selection
• Project leadership and project management (ERP or vertical ERP-based)
• Analysis of business requirements for feasibility assessment process
• Evaluating, recommending, and managing change
• Change management and business reengineering alternatives
• Increase of enterprise system integration

If your company is interested in ERP selection, an ERP independent consultant, change management, business reengineering, vertical ERP, project management, gap and fit analysis, ERP training, and business requirements analysis, contactERP ABBATE UKat Your way to corporate achievements!