IT Optimisation Study

IT Optimisation Study

IT optimisation supports the optimisation of corporate processes. No one can pretend to improve sales, supply chain,  production and warehouse management without starting a proper IT system optimisation.

IT optimisation does not mean to abruptly change the legacy application by adopting any type of new technology which is being sold on the market. It does not mean to go directly towards a system conversion.

IT optimisation requires instead:

  • IT situation assessment (how the IT system is set up, which business processes covers, etc..)
  • Definition of corporate goals
  • Assessment of the existing gap between current state and corporate goals
  • Definition of an IT improvement strategy

IT optimisation deliverable will touch:

  • Sales activities and statistics
  • Supply chain
  • Production
  • Warehouse stocks
  • Production costs
  • Risk factors

Your benefits:

  • Detailed IT situation assessment
  • Crystal clear analysis of problems and opportunities
  • Identification of redundant activities
  • Available solutions and/or alternatives

IT optimisation: what kind of benefits would it bring to your organisation?

This is your pay-off in the long run:

  • IT optimisation
  • Improvement in management activities
  • Increase of profits
  • Reduction of costs

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This offer is reserved to Small and Medium Enterprises who:

  • Are based in UK
  • Operate in 1 location only
  • Have already received, filled-in and mailed back the free IT Check-up.

Usual price range: £2,900.00 – £7,900.00.

A fixed all-inclusive quote will be forwarded to you, based on your IT Check-up, at the end of the booking process.

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