Our  FREE IT ADVISOR CHEK-UP  is a full, SKYPE-based, analysis interactive session meant to help SMEs in assessing their IT internal situation. It would normally last 1-2 hours and it is totally free. We believe that SMEs could greatly benefit from it, since it may provide hints for a corporate processes and IT optimisation path.  

Please mind that this service is not meant for large companies or companies with more than 1 installation. Also, this service is not meant for software houses and solution providers. Please, use the contact form (“contact us” page), if your company falls within 1 of these categories and want to get in touch with us.

You can request a FREE IT ADVISOR CHECK-UP by filling the form you find on the right hand-side of each website page.

You select the following areas of interests in the form:

  1. First choice (you wish to buy an IT system for the first time – this is normally used by start-ups)
  2. ERP selection
  3. ERP evaluation
  4. IT optimisation study
  5. Supply chain design
  6. Profitability check-up (manufacturing and / or construction industries)
  7. ERP related services.

The FREE IT ADVISOR CHECK-UP is useful to clarify important topics concerning the above mentioned areas of interest. A few examples of queries that triggered previous free check-up  SKYPE sessions:

  • “ Can AUTOCAD Drawings originate bill of material to be then uploaded in a cloud-based ERP system?”
  • “We want to buy this ERP system (name of ERP) but we are not sure whether it has construction industry functionalities.”
  • “We are (brief description of what they do)…do we need a Best-of-Breed to tackle our Warehouse Management problems or an ERP system?”

The FREE IT ADVISOR CHECK-UP cannot, however, be the equivalent of a complete ERP evaluation and selection exercise. No Information System Review deliverable and ERP evaluation matrix can be originated during a FREE IT ADVISOR CHECK-UP process.

An initial process analysis aimed to an ERP evaluation would take a few days to be spent in the client’s premises (+ a few days to assemble the deliverable and the matrix). We therefore suggest to:

  • Request a FREE IT ADVISOR CHECK-UP (with areas of interest such as 1,2,3 or 7) whenever you wish to clarify some specific topics concerning ERP systems or have a general overview of what is important in an ERP implementation.
  • Contact us (by filling the contact form, call us or write us to ) if you wish to start a full ERP evaluation and selection project.

Pls., fill the form with your office-related data and office e-mail address. We do not take into consideration forms that have been filled with personal email addresses (such as gmail, yahoo, zoho, hotmail, etc…). Also, partially filled forms will be discarded.

Once you click the submit button, your form is sent and stored into our database. We will review it and get in touch with you via e-mail ASAP.

We would then coordinate with you a feasible date in which a SKYPE session can be organised.

You need to have a SKYPE account in order to partake in the session.

Do not lose time: request a FREE IT ADVISOR CHECK-UP today!