Supply Chain Design

Supply chain is a more specialised deliverable and will touch:

  • Excessive inventory in supply chain distribution channels
  • Continuous supply chain short falls of key component affecting order fulfilment and delivery time
  • Incomplete planning system hiding supply chain inconsistencies
  • Planning procedures performed by primitive spreadsheets
  • Time consuming attempts to manually update situation portrayed by these spreadsheets to register supply chain changes
  • High demand of manpower resources to manually perform supply chain management activities
  • Rapidly changing products propagating along the entire supply chain
  • No central data repository for planning of supplies
  • No automatic supply chain short fall signals sent to purchasing and/or manufacturing department
  • Lack of forecasting approach

Your benefits:

  • Analyse current state of supply chain
  • Perform need assessment for supply chain improvements
  • Leverage past legacy application and supply chain implementations to optimise demand planning process
  • Spot supply chain risks and bottlenecks
  • Identify best way to implement a supply chain management system

Your pay-off in the long run:

  • Better management of delivery times
  • Stocks under control
  • Planning made easy
  • Lower costs
  • Higher profits

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